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Could Cablevisions Q3 Loss Be From Cablevisions Direct Sales Department 

Cablevision lost $3.8 million, or 1 cent per share, in the July to September third quarter period and this sucked for shareholders. As stated in my earlier post "Cablevision Sucks But Not Their Direct Sales Compensation Plan " it is very easy to see how the Cablevision Direct Sales department could have created this loss.

Using very conservative estimated numbers I will break this down based on a department of 200 people.

  1. Salary 100 people ($40K/12= $3,333*3months=$9,999*100)         = $   999,000
  2. Salary 100 people ($25K/12= $2,083*3months=$6,249*100)         = $   624,900
  3. Salary 20 Managers etc.($50k/12=$4,166*3months=12498*20) =$    249,960
  4. Commission 30 top people (30*$7,125=$213,750*3months)   =$    641,250
  5. Commission 170 people (170*$2,000=$340,000*3month)         = $1,020,000

  6.                                              My estimates                 = $3,535,110
  7.                                              3Q net income loss       =($3,791,000)
  8.                                              Difference                      = $   255,890                                          

I used very conservative employee and commission estimates. This estimate does not include any estimates for the Optimum West Direct Sales department. This three month $255,890 difference would be easily covered if Optimum West had a total employee count of 41 people and made just $25,000 a year.

When The Optimum Technician Doesn't Show It Sucks

So after loosing Optimum service on a Monday evening the call center gave me a Thursday 11-2 service appointment. Thursday came and went and no Optimum repairman showed up. Saturday five days later out of the blue the services came back. A $24.57 credit was not worth the loss of tv and internet for the five days.

Optimum Sucks Public Service Announcement For Complaints PSA

If your having Optimum tv, internet or telephone issues you will learn two things from this video after watching it. You can report your issues to the FCC at 1-888-CALLFCC (1-888-225-5322) or this website OptimumSucks.com and use the contact box.

Optimum Sucks Speeding Tech Video

 On 10/21/12 I was driving on 87w and a Optimum truck passed me. I caught up and filmed it. When he saw me filming he slowed down! It sucks Optimum / Cablevision drivers can drive that fast and not you and I. 


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